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How to trigger Camera usinf IEEE1394

Dear Readers,


 I am writing a code to trigger the camera externally.

i am using the sony fire wire  camera  model no: XCD-X710CR. It has two input connectors. one is for the cable from PXI express which we uses IEEE1394, The another one is for Ext trigger.


I wrote a Vi to snap an image through labview. I added Externall  immediately after In that code, whenever i set the trigger mode in "disabled" condition, i got the snap from camera. When i set the trigger mode as Mode0, Mode1 etc. i got an error message as "Timeout"


I dont know to resolve this...... How to set the capturing time? I need some little more information regarding timing calculation etc....


I connected the cable to ext trigger and checked with Osciloscope. I am getting an output voltage of 4V dc when the camera is not taking pictures(idle mode).


Once i powered ON to take the pictures thro Maesurement and automation explorer am getting the result of oscillating voltage of 0-4V from trigger output poiint.


I need to give the external trigger pulse to capture the image for my application. Whenever i apply the pulse of some varyiing voltage the camera have to capture the image that time. I need to program this concept in labVIEW.....


I came to know whenever we write the vi accordingly, the internal oscillator gets reset and it allows the user to send trigger pulse externally.


How to reset the internal oscilator of the camera?


How to write the code in vi to complete this application?


Moreover i have 100pin Digital I/O board. I need to give the Ext trigger pulse throgh I/O board. How to do that?


i need some quality people's help to solve this problem....


I attacehd the vi which i developed for this application.


Guide me in this regard.


Thanks in advance





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I am attaching a document which has details about acquiring from FireWire cameras, triggering etc. Please read the document. You might find the solution to your problem.


Please revert if you have any further queries.


Krishna Prasad

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