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How to take an average every 26 samples in an array of 219 elements?

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Hello to every one,


Well the problem i have is that i am having an array of 219 elements and every 26 elements i want to take an average.Can please someone suggest a code solution for that?

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Accepted by topic author gtathatos

Hi gstathatos,


here's a suggestion:


Best regards,

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Asuming you want the average of the 26 sample sets you need to wire the Length in Gerds example also.


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while your suggestion is really good (scalable, well written), you are missing imho one wire: The length of each "chunk" should most probable be 26!



Another question which comes to my mind is:

Gerds suggestion chunks the array , so you will get 219/26 = 8 chunks. Each chunk should most probable suffix to the the previous one without having overlapping. Please verify this.

The other option would be to have a "moving average".


hope this helps,


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A slightly modified version of GredW's code.




(I always like to play with array :))


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Hi Gerd,


Your suggestion code work as i expected and many thakns for that.

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Hi to all,


yes, I forgot to wire the "Length" input of the ArraySubset function. But this was noticed easily...


@P Anand:

Using DeleteFromArray is forcing shuffling of the array content. Using ArraySubset should be more memory-efficient (and probably faster for big arrays).

Best regards,

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