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How to take a single value from a Floating-Point Scalar Wire?

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Hi all,


I just started working with LabVIEW, and I am trying to create a zero-ing (tare) function for a pressure transducer. To do this, I would like to have a switch that takes the current value of a floating-point scalar wire (orange), stores it, and subtract it from the wire. Is there any way to do this? I am using LabVIEW 2014.


Thank you

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Hi, I have shown a very simple example using  a shift register and select.  This is one of many ways but it is simple to follow.  It should help the thought process at least.


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Thank you very much Michael,


That was exactly what I needed.



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As mentioned in the duplicate thread, a feedback node is often cleaner than a shift register because the relevant code is more localized. Same functionality.



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Hi altenbach,


Sorry about the duplicate thread; the page did not give me any confirmation that my question was posted so I thought I made an error and wrote another thread. Thank you for your help.

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