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How to sweep IV curve using GPIB instrument (ILX 3220)

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Hi, I'm new to Labview---I learned basic stuff, such as strings,arrays, structures,etc. I have an ILX-3220 current source, NI-488.2,and I want to make an IV curve using a light-emitting-diode. I'm really confused about what I should use. I downloaded intrument drivers from ILX's website.They provide some example VIs, but I can only set one current and read one voltage. I try to configure the block diagram by adding a for loop, then I got lost among the complicated SubVIs. I also tried to use I/O Instrument assistant to communicate with the current source, but apprarently it didn't listen to me :(. I can input the commands one by one (LAS:LDI 5   LAS:LDV?  LAS:LDI 10  LAS:LDV?.....)----not much differently from writing down by hands. Is there a way to sweep IV curve using ILX 3220? 

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Yes, you will have to use a loop - either a for loop or while loop. I'm not familiar with the instrument or functions but at the minimum, you would need to place the function that sets the current and the function that reads the voltage inside the loop. The loop would probably have a shift register and you would wire this to the current set function. Inside the loop would be an increment function and some code to determine if the max current has been set. Below is a generic ramp application.



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Thank you so much Dennis! It works pretty well!
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Hi scintillahx, can I see your vi for my reference? thanks


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If you had checked, you would have seen that the original poster has not been on the forum since the original post 5 1/2 years ago. It would be better for you to start a new thread with some details on what problem you are having.
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