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How to strip out the array size "header" and pass the data to a .dll

I am trying to pass array data to a third party .dll.  For example, I am trying to pass a 1D array of doubles with 2 items (array[2]).  The third party .dll expects a pointer to a 1D array of size 16.  The size of array that is being passed from LabVIEW is 20, it is including an array "header" of 4 bytes with the size of the array.  How can I strip off this "header" and pass the original data.  BTW.  There are many numerics/arrays to be passed into the .dll with only 1 input in the .dll, so all the numerics/arrays are being passed to the .dll using a single cluster control.
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When you set upyour DLL call, did you pass the array as a handle to the array or a pointer to the array?  Handle usually includes the size, pointer does not.
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