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How to stitch (combine) video images of two USB cameras in LabVIEW

I'm going to work with two USB cameras to process video in LabVIEW. I need to combine the images from the cameras into one window or video file. There is some program available to do this or any one can offer me some help?


I have tried to execute this program:, but I can't because LabVIEW is not finding "NI_Vision_Development_Module.lvlib: IMAQ ImageTolmage 2" , "NI_Vision_Development_Module.lvlib: IMAQ Cast Image" and "IMAQ Copy". I have LabView installed with NI Vision acquisition.


Thank you.

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IMAQdx is part of the Vision Development Module.  That is where the VIs that handle image manipulation are located.

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Ok. I have installed Vision Development Module and the program is working now. 


Some one has another LabVIEW program to combine stream video images? Or a tutorial showing how to do that?

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