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How to show/hide sub-vi front panel?

Hello all,
Attached is an example of how I am trying to show or hide the front panel of a sub-vi. My problem is that when the boolean is false (hide the sub-vi), the front panel still shows at the beginning of each of the while loop's iterations. This results in a 'blinking' sub-vi.
Any ideas how to cleanly hide the sub-vi unless the user has selected to show it?
It must be something simple with the dataflow I can do, but I'm just not seeing it.
Thanks - Paul
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Hi Paul,

can you save it as LV8.0?


LV 2020
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You didnt attach your subvi, just an fyi.

But your problem lies in the fact that you have the subvi outside of the case structure, and have a vi reference wired as an output.  this means that LV has to open that subvi each time to get a reference for it, and then you are setting it to close the front panel (in the false case), creating your blip.

Instead, use a Open Vi reference vi with the path of the subvi wired to the vi path input.  Then wire the vi reference output as you have before (see pic).

Message Edited by Kenny K on 04-01-2008 01:38 PM

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Kenny - It works perfectly! I was stuck on dropping the actual sub-vi into the main vi code and didn't even think of just using a reference.

thanks for your help.


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