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How to set-up VI front & Block panels for LVDT measurement

Hi there!
As I'm new to LabView, I need your kind help in solving my set-up for monitoring LVDT deflection measurement. I've LVDT from MacroSensors which are connected to SCB100 box and then connected to computer through AT-MIO-16DE-10 (national instruments). Output from my LVDT is +/- 10V DC which is capable of measuring +/- 2 inches. How should I proceed to set-up my data acquition system so that I can monitor the deflection through LVDT at certain time intervals? Please help me to solve this problem. I'd be happy to answer any further clarification on this matter.

Thanks a lot.

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You can use the VI "Wait until next ms multiple" located in the function palette:

Functions -> Time & Dialog

With this vi, you can control a loop execution time.

The LabVIEW Help provide good examples on how to set your VI for timed acquisition. Check the section for "Loops and Charts". There is an activity titled "Control Loop Timing".

Best regard;
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Good morning  sir/madam...


I would like to implement  how to implement Linearized Thermister thermometer using an analog multiplier in labVEW,but i don't know how to disign asymmetrical square waveform  and graphs A,B,C,D and  V0 in that papers.


Please guide me and mail me the useful informatin regarding that papers


                                         thanking you sir.


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good morning  sir/madam


I would like to linearise thermister thermometer using an analog multiplier in labVIEW,but i did not know how to design asymmetrical square waveform and graphs of    A,B,C,D and V0 in that paper.

Could you please guide me or mail me the detail information to desing that circuit in labVIEW.


                                                 Thanking you sir.

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