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How to set the position of the XYGraph elements programmatically


I am looking for a possibility to set the position of different elements of an XYGraph programmatically. I could find the positions (to set) for the plot area, the axes (X and Y Scale), and the Plot Legend, but not of for the Graph Palette, the X Scrollbar, the Scale Legend, and the Cursor Legend (LabVIEW 2013 SP1).





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As you have undoubtedly discovered, NI has not provided Properties to manipulate the position of these elements.  I'm guessing that there was a Design Tradeoff in which properties to expose to the User, and these were considered "unlikely to be requested".  If this is really important to you, add it to the Idea Exchange, and if enough Forum readers Kudo your idea, NI may consider it.


Bob Schor

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And for a "solution", I'm afraid that making\copying these controls yourself, hiding the originals, and setting the graph properties when clicked, is the only way. Not ideal...

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