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How to send an array of variables to Vision Builder AI using the function Set

Currently I am trying to send a numeric 1-D array of 10 elements to VBAI along with a string 1-D array of 10 elements using the function in LabVIEW: VBAI Interface - Set Variable. Originally I had it setup where I was able to set 1 variable at a time by using controllers for the Variable Names and Values as well as a way to check to make sure VBAI was setting the variables. But since I will need to change 10 variables each time there is a different inspection this process takes too long. I have created my variable names in VBAI and have a Set Variable step so that the array I send will set the values corresponding with the names. Basically I want to clarify that the function in LabVIEW can send an array of values and if so, do the values in the string and numeric array line up so VBAI knows what variables it is setting. What I am mean, does a=5, b=10, c=15 ...? And do the variables in VBAI line up with the ones in the array based off the names if they are the same?


I'm sure there is a discussion out there about this that I missed but any advice will be helpful.



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Ignore this post, what I did was correct just had a small typo error that I didn't catch. 

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