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How to send a TestStand variable to Labview?

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32-bit Teststand 2014

32-bit Labview 2015


Unsure if a Labview or Teststand question.


I created a simple labview VI that has a pass/fail indicator.

I created a simple teststand squence that has one pass/fail test with the labview VI as the file.


I have a labview GUI that runs the teststand sequence and displays whether the entire sequence passed or failed as a message popup.

I have report generation turned off in teststand.


On the labview GUI, how can I display an indicator that my pass/fail test passed or failed after the step in the sequence is completed?

If this can't be done while the sequence is running, then how can I display an indicator that my pass/fail test passed or failed after the entire sequence is completed?


For example,

If I am running two numeric tests in my sequence. One tests for 24VDC and the other tests for 3.3VDC. After running my sequence I am only prompted at the end if both tests either passed or failed. However, if one test fails I won't be able to know which one. I want to be able to tell which test failed with an indicator on my labview GUI and not from a teststand generated report.


I am unsure if it is something in teststand I need to setup with local variables or elsewhere in labview. I am not looking for a whole test report, I just want the user to see an indicator that a particular functionality test passed during the teststand sequence.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you

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If I am running two numeric tests in my sequence. One tests for 24VDC and the other tests for 3.3VDC.

> After running my sequence I am only prompted at the end if both tests either passed or failed.


In TestStand, you should be able to see pass or fail for every step.


Maybe you can show us your sequence.



George Zou
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And explain how you created the LabVIEW operator interface. The standard and basic examples with the sequence display show status for steps and sequences.
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It is a simple operator interface that I found online and made some custom edits.

Yes, I understand that Teststand shows Pass/Fail for every step in the provided GUI. I removed that from my operator interface, because watching every step go by is not necessary for the user to see. I only want the user to see an indicator LED if a test passes or fails instead of seeing the pass/fail in the list of sequence steps as it scrolls by or in a report. I am trying to make the GUI as simple as possible. No scrolling sequence steps to constantly watch or a report to look at after, just simple indicators the user can see and know right away at one glance. 

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Sorry, it does not make much sense to me to have an indicator on the operator interface for each sequence/step. What are you going to do if you add or remove a sequence? Rebuild the operator interface each time? The whole idea of the operator, to me, is to decouple the interface from the test sequence. You can, however use UI messages to pass status. This could be a multi-line string indicator.
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I would also question the need for any status indication. I used an operator interface where multiple threads only indicated that it was either running or done with an overall status when complete. As you said, the operator does not need to know intermediate status. A failure of an intermediate sequence or step should in most cases, cause the whole sequence to abort anyway.
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I took a step back and trying to create a quick VI that will let me send a variable from Teststand out to Labview.


I did some research and came across this link:


I attached a small example that I found and demonstrates how to do this.

I got the example from this link:


I do not know if the above content is even what I am looking for, because I do not understand what is happening in the example.

Can someone explain to me what is occuring in the example please?


I attached an image of what I am imagining to do with this information.

After clicking GO to run my sequence file, my steps will run testing Resistor 1, Resistor 2, Resistor 3... Then after all of my resistors are tested, I'll save whether all my resistors passed or failed as a variable in Teststand. Next step I want to send this variable, as a boolean, back to my GUI and let the user know that the Resistor test passed or failed as an indicator. The purpose of this is to give the user an indication of the test progress until completion.

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I now understand it with the help of the following Youtube video:


I will try to incorporate my test example into my main GUI and see how it plays out. Smiley Happy


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Another option to consider...  I'm currently working on a program where I want TestStand to be able to regularly pass variables, information, and commands to my OI.


The best solution I found was to just use a queue (enum command and variant clustered data) with wrapper VIs to call from TestStand with the proper data in/out for each command type.  There are the standard considerations for building your project like making sure your wrapper VIs are properly compiled, but it was overall easy to implement and will be easily scalable later if needed.

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Your approach sounds interesting and I would like learn more.

May you post any links or attach any files that will help me please?


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