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How to save OME-TIFF with Labview

Hi all,


I am developing a home-made microscope and i would like to save the image from a CCD camera in a OME-TIFF format, a TIFF-based image format that includes the OME-XML standard

(see and  Bio-Format

Have someone already done that ?





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Hi Mnemo15,


In fact you can save Files with .TIFF extension using NI-IMAQ drivers, you can find information in our web site: 

Saving Images in LabVIEW Using NI-IMAQ Only (Without NI Vision)


Which Image File Types Are Supported by the Vision Development Module?



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Hi Remi.D,


the format that i am talking about it is a special tiff format developed for microMRI or PTscan images. With it you save all the informations/metadata you want (kind of experiment, number of image, z-position,....). Like that you do not need anymore a lab book where you used to write all these informations. 

Give a look to this webpage:



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After a quick look at the specs you posted, it looks like the easiest way to support this in LabVIEW is to write your own code for the image description and save it using a standard TIFF library.  National Instruments sells the IMAQ library referenced above.  You can probably use DLLs from directly from LabVIEW.  However, I have not done this, and there are a plethora of ways DLLs can break compatibility with LabVIEW, so you may have to write some glue code.


Good Luck!

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Did you ever find anyone who has done this?



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Hi mnemo15,


I am also working on the same topic,

please let me know if you finally fould a solution for it.




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Wondering if anyone has solved this, could you please share how you did it or any code snippets?

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