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How to run two DAQs running two different VIs on one computer

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I have two different cDAQ - 9178 chasises attached to my computer. Each cDAQ-9178  has an NI 9205 module, and each NI 9205 is collecting data from its own dedicated experiment. The experiments are not always running simultaneously, so at any given time there may be only one cDAQ on collecting data as opposed to two. Additionally, each experiment has a different vi attached to it so both cDAQs are not running the same vi.


I'd like to know how I could run two seperate cDAQ-9178's (each of which is using a different VI) while connected to one computer. Thank you for your help.

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Well.   VI's use a cDAQ,   A cDAQ does not "run" a VI.


If each VI is using its own chassis, then you should not have any problems  with having 2 VI's running parallel, or independently each using a cDAQ.


Each cDAQ will be identified in MAX by a different name, such as Dev1  for one, and Dev2 for the other.  Each VI just needs to refer to the cDAQ name intended for it.

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Where you might run into issues is if you are logging the data.  And I only say that because of disk access might be a bottle neck.  Otherwise, there is no issue as far as DAQmx is concerned.

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