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How to route a RTSI line to a PFI output using a 5421 card

Currently I am using an arbitrary waveform generator (model PCI-5421) and a low cost motor controller (model PCI-7334). Breakpoints generated by the motor controller are routed to the RTSI0 line – this seems to work. In order to use the breakpoint signals to trigger external devices, I would like to route them from the RTSI0 line to the PFI0 (or PFI1) output of the 5421. According to the routing table of the 5421 shown by the measurement and automation explorer this should be possible. However, Lab View generates an error message as soon as the VI "niFgen Route Signal Out" is called.
What can I do in order to solve this problem?

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Hi FeGA,

First of all, it would be nice, if you post the exact error description with the error code as well, this will helps us to determine the error source faster.

Anyway, I will try to give you some general info's:

First, you have to connect the RTSI connectors of the mentioned boards with a RTSI cable.

After that, you have to configure the RTSI Bus in Max by defining the boards, which are connected together over RTSI.

You will find a step by step description on page 13 in the NI Signal Generators Getting Started pdf (Start->All Programs->National Instruments->NI-FGEN->Documentation->NI Signal Generators Getting Started).

If you already done this , then please attach your vi, which is doing the routing and I will try to reproduce your behaviour.

(and of course the error message)

Best Regards,

Evrem Yarkin

NI Switzerland




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