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How to replace a sub vi that is used in many main VIs with another sub vi under a different file name without repeating the replace vi operation?

I am converting a LV5.1.1 llb to LV7.1 that contains serial sub VIs ("Serial Port", "Serial Port", and "Bytes at Serial") that need to be replaced with the newer VISA serial sub VIs ("VISA", "VISA", and "VISA Bytes at Serial").  The older serial sub VIs are used on many different main VIs under the same llb, and I want to be able to replace all the older serial sub VIs with the equivalent VISA sub VIs in LV7.1 without repeating the same replace VI task on each main VI.  Please advise if it can be done in LV7.1 and how?
Thank you so much for your help,
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If you have the old serial VIs in the llb, make a copy of it and delete them. Then, when you open the top level VI in 7.1, LabVIEW should replace them with compatibility VIs of the same name but using VISA.
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I have the same question but the answer given by Dennis_Knutson wasn't exactly clear.  Can you break out the explanation with more details?


I have a few subvi's that used in a few dozen places in my application that i would like to replace with updated versions that have a different name.


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Here's how I've approached such things, there may be a better way.


1. With your project and any calling vi's open (to make sure linkages get updated), rename your old subvi to have the name of the new subvi.


2. Shutdown LabVIEW entirely.


3. Behind LabVIEW's back, rename or move the old subvi so it can't be found.  Place the new subvi of the same name in a location next to one of its callers where it *can* be found.


4. Re-open LabVIEW, your project, and any calling vi's.  You may get prompted once to locate the new subvi, after that the project and all its callers should update their links. 


5. Save callers and project.



-Kevin P

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You can select the VI you want to replace and copy it.


"Ctrl-f" and then select object and search for it.


Once you find it there is an option to replace.


It should allow replacing one with another.


Try it out!



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Better way found.  Thanks Ben!



-Kevin P

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