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How to remove a background image in the front panel

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I'm using LV2013 and in the front panel I have an image used as background. I want to remove it.

It seems fixed, not possible to delete or to move it. If I change the VI background (using property from horizontal scroll bar > background ) it changes the background but this image is still present in front and the colour is changed behind. In the VI the controls used in the front panel were positioned on ths image. I'm not the original creator of this VI but I need to change it and I don't understand how to unlock it and remove it.


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Have you selected (none) as background? Than also save the VI of course.


The author could have used property nodes to automatically load an image and set it as background. That would mean you need to remove this from the code. Doing a text search on the VI and sub VIs for "BackgroundImage" and "BackgroundMode" would probably locate them. There is of course the change that these properties are set by a VI that opens a reference to the VI (static or dynamically). That means more searching... A global search for the to strings might find the VI, but it could effect other VI backgrounds as well.


Without seeing the code, that's all the advice I can give...

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Accepted by topic author sorin1

The image could be a decoration that has been locked.


Select the image and unlock it (see help "unlocking, front panel objects (how-to)" or this KB).

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great! It works., thank you.

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