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How to register ActiveX / COM to a brand-new computer?

How to register this ActiveX/COM thing on a brand-new computer?For my program cannot work on a new Windows10 computer,being prompted that this Microsoft Speech Object Library is not registered....

So I try to register it ,following "regsvr32 interop.speechlib.dll"  ,failed. cannot find the entry point....

It is  not that easy for me  to understand ActiveX/COM/OCX....thing,for there is very few knowledge about it in Labview.   Most people just use it in Labview,but seldom explain how to build the envirorment before.If it does not work ,blame it to operation system problem.


On a new computer,how to check the COM/ActiveX things on it?


Can NI make a smarter way to solve this?If things working on the developing computer,they should be supported to work on any computers after deployment,right?


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This seems to be a Microsoft problem. Have you searched e.g. for "Microsoft Speech Object Library is not registered" and looked at the various discussions?

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Very few of such explainations.

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