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How to read the error message like clipping positive or -ve in Tektronix oscillioscope 3012B

During acquiring the Sine wave or triangular wave from TDS3012B, if the amplitude or Max or min is clipping, how do you read the error?  I used *ESR?, first time when I ran the error query program, it gave me Error message saying it is clipping, after that If I run again,the error query , It would not give me the error message, I couldn't reproduce it, eventhough but On the screen if I measure, Amp, min and Max it says that it is clipping positive or -ve. I was wondering how to read the error message while aquiring the data?  If any one could help me that would be of great help.. Thanks



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Usually, reading the error status register clears it. I'm not familiar with this particular model of scope but you may have to initiate a new acquisition in order for the scope to generate a new error. Another possiblity is that a new error will be generated when the vertical scale changes. Unless someone posts with an answer, I'd say that your best bet to get an answer is to contact Tektronix technical support.
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