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How to read HID PROX Card Number with LabVIEW

Use the VI I mention in the link above (

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thank you testdesign, 
I am still working to get the card reader read the proxicard. The VI that you mentioned shows me an error when run it. Looks like something is missing.


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/Thank you, 
I got to recognized the card, I would like to get a VI just to read the card UID number but I am still working. Any VI suggested?

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everytime I swipe the card, I get the error 80100069, what could it be?


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...and now it shows code 0


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With no card present you should see: 80100069

With card present you should see: 0


Here is what returns for me when the card is present and not present.  When the card is present or not present you should see aReader Name = HID OMNIKEY 5025-CL.  The card data is found under the bATR array.


Card PresentCard PresentNo Card PresentNo Card Present

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