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How to print very long data series (wrap multiple XY graphs)


I'm working a data logger project where each file usually contains 5 - 10 minutes of data but sometimes may go up to 3 hours +. The customer needs the ability to print out all of the acquired data in XY charts.


If the amount of data recorded exceeds 15 minutes, printing all of the data on a single chart is not an option (granularity) so they want to print as many 15 minute chunks as necessary to cover the entire range. Ideally, they want to print out two 15 minute graphs stacked on top of each other on a landscape page. I can split the data into chunks (that's the easy part) but I need a way to create an arbitrary number of XY graphs and format/size them for mult-page print out (2 per page).


I'm looking for some ideas on how to solve this problem - any ideas are welcome as long as they involve LabVIEW and maybe Excel because it needs to be something i can integrate into the application. I can't use offline post-processing like Diadem in this situation.

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I would probably create one VI with two graphs formatted for printing. Then loop through the data, write segments to the graphs, print, repeat until all data is printed.  This method allows one very simple VI to present the data for printing and allows the user control over what is printed via the calling VI. For example if they decided that 10-minute graphs were better for certain data sets than 15-minute graphs, all the calling VI needs to do is change the amount of data written to the graphs.


Write the data to a file to protect the data in the event of power failures or other unplanned events. Read it back to print if there may be too much data to keep in memory.



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Yes, I was thinking along these lines as well - I could programatically hide the graph if the data fits in one. Have a floating dialog that with a knob where the user could dial in the amount of data per graph.

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