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How to prevent empty string being logged?

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I am trying to prevent empty string from being logged in a SQL database. If the program work correctly, it will see if two strings are matched. If the two string are matched, the string will be logged to database. If mismatched, the string should not be logged and produce an error message. The problems that I am facing is that the "Match" produce an empty string if mismatched and still logged to the database. How can I prevent that from happening?

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The typical way is to use the "offset past match" output and use Greater Or Equal To Zero.  If that is TRUE, then log; if FALSE, do nothing.  This can be easily accomplished with a simple Case Structure.

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02-18-2019 08:14 PM

Did you try testing the string(s) using the Empty String? function on the Comparison Palette?


Bob Schor

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