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How to pass data from while loop to another sub vi


I am newbie to LabVIEW. 

I have build the code " straight line. vi" in while loop to calculate inverse kinematic coordinate and want to take out the value of X3 and Y3  from the while loop and feed to another sub vi. 

I created local variable and tried auto indexing but unable do it .


Main vi  " straight line. vi "

Sub vi's  " inverser kinematic  xand y"  "inverser x and y"



Please help

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Hi Tejes,


You do need any of your local variable, just wire output of your calculation to the input of your VIs. And place your subVI inside the while loop if you want it to run after each value change on X3 and Y3.


What you do here is basically just run your subVI once with whatever values X3 and Y3 have in parallel of calculating the new X3 and Y3 values. I bet you have pretty weird results. It is because LabVIEW use data flow as principle for ordering things.


You can learn more here :

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