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How to pass cluster from LabVIEW to C# through .NET assembly

I'm trying to convert my labview program to C# language.

I've read bunch of web pages but I still don't get any hint of passing cluster data type from LV to C# code.

(even if the simplest example attached)

I refer some blogs to set and make .NET assembly and got to make .NET assembly(dll file) with setting fig. 1, 2, 3.

But I'm totally new about .NET so I'm confused of how to call and write on cluster data type from C#.

Is there anyone to let me know it is possible to pass cluster to C#?

If it's possible, could you tell me which function of C# would be helpful to do that or some example?

Thank you!


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You can't find how to do that because it's not very transparent how to do it.


See This links to another post, and that links to some other posts. The answer seems to be there.


BTW. Found by googling ".net assembly struct input labview".


I'd reconsider the interface. Making a bunch of simple inputs\ouputs seem a lot easier then a cluster...




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