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How to output application history


Hi guys so this is a homework question. "Create a VI that will generate a random number [0, 20] every time a button is clicked. Include an indicator that illuminates if the number is greater than 10. When your program exits, output paired (in a cluster) boolean and numeric arrays that record the application history."
So I have my random numbers that illuminates if the number is <10. But I'm completely lost in terms of outputing the application history. I created a cluster and have booleans and numeric array's in them but I have no idea how to input the data into the array. If you guys could help me and give me some points that would be great.



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The most efficient way to accomplish this is with shift registers. You can learn how to use shift registers to pass data (or arrays, and just append the array in the loop) between loop iterations here.


Also, to use clusters you will need to bundle the data up. You can learn more about clusters here.


Review these resources to understand how they work, and good luck!

Mathew H.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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