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How to output a analog signal point-by-point in real-time?

I'm trying to output a analog signal, which is generated by a pid algoristhm with 120 samples per second. My hardware is cDAQ 9178 and 9264 and the present program is developped on LabView 2020. For a better stability of the frequency of the output voltage, and less latency, the N-sample mode or the continuous mode of 9264 could not be used as far as i have tested. I suppose that a point-by-point output mode in real-time could be a solution. Is it possbile?Or is there any other solution?


Much thanks in advance.

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There is a hardware-timed single-point mode, which provides point-by-point precise control. Unfortunately, it is not supported by cDAQ. DAQ Devices with Hardware-Timed Single Point Sampling Mode Support

You should consider getting a DAQmx cRIO controller (904x or 905x).

Control Lead | Intelline Inc
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