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How to obtain the wire pane from Context help without LabVIEW scripting?

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I'm trying to obtain the info from the context help for some VIs, and I was able to get the description (using a basic property node) but the only way to obtain the wire pane I found is using LabVIEW scripting (which apparently cannot be used in .EXE apps). 


I know that I can save the image of the wire pane and just call the file wherever I need to, but I'd like to just call it programatically.


Below is what I currently have.


I appreciate your help 🙂


Block Diagram.PNG Front Panel.PNG


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Some normal scripting doesn't work in executables.


Some scripting stuff does work in executables.


You have to look at the specific property\method to know if it's available in executables.


If you can do it in scripting, there might be no alternative. If there is, there's no guarantee it will work in an executable. 

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Help says Get Conpane Image Method is Available in Run-Time Engine.

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It didn't occur to me to check if scripting had any documentation at all (first time using it).

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