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How to observe the vocal change on waveform graph in real time ?

Hi everyone.


I'm very new in labview, so i need your great help.

Now i'm making voice analysis program of each person.

As a first step, I wanna get the waveform graph of 'my voice change' in real time.

For example, when I input my voice to microphone of laptop, I want to see the audio spectrum like fig.1 which I attached.

(the another example is system sound, Fig.2) 


If I use [acquire sound] like Fig.3, the waveform is delayed and unclear.

Please give me any comments.

Thank you.

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Since you are Very New to LabVIEW, here are some suggestions:

  • When posting code, attach a VI (not a picture of a VI, or, worse, picture of part of a VI).
  • Express VIs make a lot of assumptions.  To do things quickly and to take advantage of LabVIEW's inherent ability to handle tasks in parallel, you need to learn more LabVIEW (what you want to do is probably covered by the Producer/Consumer Design Pattern, shipping as a New VI Template in LabVIEW) and learn to code without Express VIs.

To see the P/C Design, open LabVIEW, click File, New ... (the dots are important), Create New, VI from Template, and find Producer/Consumer under Design Patterns.  If you can't understand it, learn some more LabVIEW.


Bob Schor

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