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How to name columns in "Write LabView Measurement File" Express VI

Hello, I am inputting two signals into the "Write LabView Measurement File" Express VI, and although the data is recorded correctly, there is no separate header for all the y-values (I only get the X-value column labeled: X_Value), and then there is a "Comment" field right next to it. How do I name these y-value columns so that the header appears alongside the X_Value tag? Thanks.
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Does this help? Convert the output to a string array then insert you Y values names..
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I don't want to read from a LabView measurement file. I'm saving in a file; that's good enough. I just need to save it in headed columns. Any suggestions?

Here's a test of the program with two random data inputs, and a picture of the output.

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Message Edited by Doagie on 06-13-2005 01:22 PM

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Sometimes the Experss VI's are harder to work with than Old School VI's. At least for me anyways! See if this is what you are after. It create "data" (4x100) appends a "test title" (omit if you want) then places a header above each column of data. You may have to import into Excel to see the data lined up correctly.
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Thanks a bunch! Worked well.
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Does anyone know how to do this with a "write to measurement file" express vi?

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