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How to make program for RS-232

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Yes, Ive already tried changing the device's slave address to 1, and the device is being connected by null moderm and probably came with the instrument (I'll confirm with my group tmr).  thanks
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Definitely keep it at slave address 1.


Try using their software.  If you find that works.  Try a program such as portmon to see what data is being passed back and forth with their software and compare it to the data that is being sent by the Modbus VI's.

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Thank you so much Ravens Fan! I've solved the problem. I just needed to turn off the error-detecting option in the device.  You're the BEST!


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Excellent.  I'm glad to hear it works.  Good Job!
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Dear All


looking for Help


I have programmable power supply Chroma Model 62012P-40-120. I write RS232 communication based on the protocol from the manufacturer to set volatge ,current to the supply and measure the volatge and current output from the power supply. I have no problem with the communication . i can set the volatge and the current to the power supply and i can remotelly control (ON/OFF) the DC ouput of the supply. But when i try request volatge and current output of the power supply and connect them in series i can read the measure output either the volatge or the current but not both.

if the measure volatge request is 1st i can read it but no the current request and vise versa. But i can see the volatge and current ouput in the screen of the Power supply. Here i have attached the screent shoots of my labview programs. The status message is OK in both cases.





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You have hijacked 3 threads with a similar question.  Please start your own thread by doing a search and if you do not find what you wish to accomplish (and there are thousands of posts on serial port), then you can post your own question.


The other threads are:


I did a search on Chroma and there are many threads that discuss serial communication to it.

see :



Have a look at this thread which seems to discuss it in details:


Here's something you may also want to read:


Now before automating everything using LabVIEW, you should really debug your setup by using a terminal emulator.  You should know which commands to send to it and know what data to read back based on the command sent.  Otherwiose, you are adding yet another unkown into the soup.. 


And as I suggested, do start your own thread.





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Ok R.

sorry !

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