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How to make gray scal eimage to better quality,only black and white pixel are there?


     Actually i had one Bad quality camera,so image is not coming very good.So how i will improve the quality of the image.the image is a gray scale image and consists only black white image.

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Hi, Actually, the image you acquired from the camera is the best image you can process. You can adjust the focus, the light source to get a better one. But if the image is acquired, that is the image with all information. Any operation on this image will cause a certain loss of information. I think your question is how to improve the image inspection result, Isn't it? Well, that's depend on what inspection you what to do on the image. There is no method to create useful information on a image to make the image better.
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Hu Yu
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    I want to read Barcode through NI tool,but image am getting little bit bad which is not decoding by the NI Barcode read tool,as it required good image,so any suggestion u can help me out.


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