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How to make DSC Modbus Server read each register individually

I am setting up a DSC modbus server to a serial RTU device.  There are 5 registers that I want to read. If I create one bound variable to one register, there are no problems with the server and the data is returned.  If I add another bound variable to another register (Now am reading from two registers, I get a bad data quality reading.


Upon investigation I have found out that this device will only read one register at a time.  The DSC modbus server is formatting the modbus command to read back an array of registers.  I noticed this using a serial port sniffer. 


The end application will have a RS485 network with 5 devices and 5 registers from each device.


I wrote a VI to read a series of registers by looping and reading each register and I have no problems.  Is it possible to do the same using the DSC modbus server that has multiple bound variables?




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