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How to make ActiveX Container un-grey on Controls Palette?



I am running LabVIEW Home and Student Edition, 2016 Version 16.0 (32-bit) on a Windows 8, 64-bit computer. I am trying to use ActiveX controls.


When I select Controls, .NET & ActiveX, the ActiveX Container icon is grey and cannot be placed on my Front Panel. Please tell me how to make the ActiveX Container icon not grey.


(Note: ActiveX is checked in my Tools, Options, VI Server, Protocols page; Accessible Server Resources are all checked; Exported VIs * is checked)

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Hello danahergps,


I have taken a look at a few different paths, and it seems like there could be a few reasons for a missing control in the palette.


Are you using an evaluation version of the Home and Student Edition? This could cause some functionality to be missing.


If that is not the case, I would recommend you try a reinstall of LabVIEW, because a corrupted install might cause behavior such as a VI being misplaced. If even that does not work, take a look at this article:


It is a way to refresh the controls in the palette if they seem to be misplaced. Best of luck with this, and let us know if these steps are enough!



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