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How to know vi stuck with controlling HW?

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I have a VI which controls a few HW by calling their own SW to do measurement every hour all the time. SW (from the HW) sometimes freeze and doesn't give error message. Then the vi freezes there. How to make setting in vi to detect the freeze? I am thinking to add a timer, if time exceed a given limit, it could know vi stuck. But problem is: when vi stuck with the HW, it couldn't run to the timer part.

I am new to Labview. Thanks a lot in advance!

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How exactly are you calling their software?  Is it a DLL call?  An ActiveX call?  Something else?


Can you tell us the name of the software and maybe link to any public documents explaining how you control it using LabVIEW?


Even better would be if you could post the code with the problem...

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01-10-2019 04:41 PM

You could easily do this with a second parallel loop that "monitors" the hardware loop.  Then use occurrences, queues, or notifiers to monitor.


hw heartbeat monitor.png


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Great! Thank you so much! Smiley Happy

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