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How to install drivers for Ni USb 6009

I am trying to use an NI-USB 6009 and was wondering if its possible to install just the drivers for this hardware. I know that I can install the NI-Daq base but I would really like to install the minimum amount of software onto my computer that has linux. However, I did try to install the NI daq base and the installation is failing because of an input/output error, (I am not really sure why).
I would really like to be able to just install the drivers for the USB-6009. I was just wondering if that was possible and where I could find them.
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Hi cannonball,

There is no specific driver for the 6009 and it is supported in DAQmx and DAQmx Base only. If you are using Windows, I HIGHLY recommend using DAQmx and not DAQmx Base as Base is intended for Mac and Linux machines. DAQmx Base is not DAQmx with a smaller footprint, it's a completely different architecture.

With the 6009 and DAQmx Base, you also have to make sure your firmware is compatible and you don't have fantastic utilities such as Measurement and Automation Explorer.

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Thanks for your help PBear.

My operating system is linux so I will definitely install NI-DAQmx base and hopefully be able work from there. I was just wondering what you mean by making sure my firmware is compatible. The firmware for the USB6009 must be compatible with ??


Thanks so much,


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Hi Cannonball,

You'll know pretty quickly after installing DAQmx Base and running the lsdaq utility as to if you need different firmware. The 6008 and 6009 must have a different firmware loaded to be able to run DAQmx Base 3.x. This is not a problem though as there is a firmware updating utility that comes with DAQmx Base and it's fairly straigh forward. For more information, see the link below.

KB 491FPHB9: Firmware Incompatibility With Different Versions of DAQmx Base.

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Is there a version of the firmware switcher which does not require Windows? I was given 6009 which had previously been used on a Windows/DAQmx machine and want to run it in our Mac-only shop. Linux users could face the same issue.

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Hy Lynn,

This utility is included in all OS builds of DAQmxBase. It can be found in the bin directory.

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Hi I installed the DAQmx and my Win XP system found the hardware driver with no problems at all.


However, if I wish to make the USB 6009 a portable device that other people can also use without having the download and install 1GB of DAQmx, is there anyway to simply copy just the required driver files? And do it in a way such that my .exe program still works with the API?

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You've hijacked an old and unrelated thread.


There is a run-time version of DAQmx. This is also a selectable option when you create your installer. Don't even think about doing a simple copy.

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Hi Dennis,


Thanks very much =D

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Please if somebody can ask same question for Linux Ubuntu 11.04


Thank You in advance

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