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How to install a communication between SIEMENS 840D and LabVIEW


Dear all,


I wanna try to set up an HMI in LabVIEW for the SINUMERIK 840D (power line). Actual axis positions should be read to the LabVIEW application and reorganized pushed back into the controls machine data. It should be possible to r/w GUDs.

I tried to find some documents and examples how to start with this but unfortunately I didnt find anything and I am turning around without any results.


Does somebody have experience with those connections and could recommend some books or even have some examples which are useful?


Thanks for any help!



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Thanks but this didnt help. I have had a look at it before.

The thing is that we have anyhow a communication between the NCK and a VB6 or .NET application.

So there must be an interface already but I dont know where it is defined and how it is established.

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