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How to install LabView Run-Time 2011 silently without removing daqMX?

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I am attempting to silently install LabView Run-Time 2011 using the HP Client Automation Agent, formerly known as RADIA.  I have tested this successfully, however, on systems that have daqMX installed, I find that the silent installer removes daqMX automatically.  Is there a command-line argument or registry setting that can defeat this behavior so that daqMX remains installed after the silent installer completes?  Thank you for your assistance!!

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Hey EricJay,

      I'm not very familiar with the HP Client Automation Agent, but the silent installation shouldn't automatically un-install the DAQmx drivers. You may consider comparing the process that the HP Client Automation Agent uses with performing a silent installation, using command line arguments, as described here. Another possibility may be any conflict checking that the HP Client Automation Agent performs. As described here, we don't recommend installing the DAQmx drivers until LabVIEW or the LabVIEW Run-Time Engine are installed to prevent any conflicts or missing references. If the HP Client Automation Agent is detecting these possible conflicts then it may be un-installing the DAQmx drivers to prevent the conflicts. Hope this helps!


--Ryan S.

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Hello Ryan,


Thank you for the information.  After some further tests, I found that the Client Automation Agent was removing a previously-installed version of LV RTE, and replacing it with RTE 2011.  The silent uninstall process appears to remove all NI packages completely from the system.  We changed the Client Automation Agent settings to prevent the older run time packages from being uninstalled, so that new versions of LabView RTE are installed concurrently.  This has appeared to prevent the problem of daqMX being uninstalled.

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