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How to increase write speed using queues

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Ravens Fan, I attempted to open your file however, labview said that I am missing a toolkit used by the vi.  I never installed every toolkit provided with labview, to save space, so I am doing that now and hopefully this will resolve the issue.
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The full applications uses the Modbus toolkit, but this particular subVI should not be dependent on that.


It has a subVI I use for logging error messages to a file, but you should need to load that.

It also has a few typedef's it is looking for, but you shouldn't need to load them either.  Just go ahead and tell it to ignore any items it is looking for.  Then you should be able to see the code and figure out what is going on with it.

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Ravens Fan, I looked at your example using enums and I can get a basic feel for the VI.  However I do not believe I have enough of an understanding to then implement your idea into my vi.  I then looked back at your previous example and was wondering if a simple modification to it could fit my requirements.  Could I just replace the limit of 100 inputs to the array as the trigger to writing to the file with a manual boolean trigger.  I can check the status of the queue and when it empties and all of my data from that recording seesion is in the array I can then trigger the true condition and write the array to a file.
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That sounds like it might work.  Go ahead and try it.  See how it works for you.

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Accepted by topic author Melioris
I modified my original code to use the example I posted earlier and everything works great.  It really improves the speed of my program.  Thanks for all of the help and here is my modified vi.
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So in reality, you used my idea of building the data into a shift register, changed the conditions of when it writes out the data from the shift register to the file, and now say your minor modification to my idea is the solution?
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Whoa there


Ravens Fan I don't think he was trying to slight you with the accepted solution, I think he was just trying to mark the one he's actually going to use.  And if you look back, Melioris does say that the "one he posted earlier" is your idea


Melioris, make it extra clear where the ideas/solutions are coming from to avoid stepping on toes, and I probably would've marked ravens fan's post as the accepted solution.  That being said...





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Sorry for the mix up and thanks for letting me know.  I was just trying to show everyone what vi I was finally going to use.  I thought I had been clear in the previous post,that I was using your example in my new vi.  I apologize for marking the wrong solution then.  Wont' happen again.  Thanks everyone.
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