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How to include dll into a stand-alone application

Hi, I wrote a vi to process images from my camera, and I want to build a stand-alone application(exe), so I can share the application with my friends. I just do as wht's in  the Labview help, but when I run the exe file in other PC, it  tells me I haven't nivision.dll etc. My question is how to find out the dll files in my vi and include these files in the stand-alone application?  
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Can anybody help me?
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You will need to install a vision deployment license on the PC where you are running your executable.

You will need to purchase a license for each seperate installation.


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Hi, David, Thanks for reply. If I make my vi into a installer, is it possible to include all the dll needed and execute it on other PC?
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To be honest I am not sure. Its been a while since have used the vision run-time engine. Before I installed it on the target computer. I ddn't include it with my application build.

Take a look at this it might help. Also look at the documentation supplied with the vision deployment license.


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Thanks David, the document is useful.
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