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How to implement fixed point filter for FPGA

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Hi there!


I am trying to implement Butterworth bandpass filter for FPGA.

I managed to develop fixed point filter that suits my needs, but after generating FPGA code I don't know how to implement it on an array in a project. I tried to figure it out from the examples, but I wasn't very successfull.

My time to finish this is running out,  so any help would be truly appreciated...

Any suggestions?... some example?


Thank you in advance

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Maybe you can explain a little bit more in detail where you have problems.

Because the examples provided by LabVIEW are quite good and show everything which is necassary.



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First of all thank you for your reply!

I've never said that examples are bad, just sometimes I don't figure it out! 🙂


I need to implement bandpass filter on compactRIO 9072. The mistake was to use Classical Filter Design Express VI, which doesn't work on that target.

I realized that fixed point filter is not neccessery, because filter is running on RT so some of the functions from Filters palette can be used instead.


I hope that I will be able to solve the problem.


Thank you ones more 

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You can either implement the filter on the FPGA or the RT side of the target.

In both cases you simply need to pass your data in form of a array into the VI and you get the filtered data back.

You will find them in the functions palette under the following:


RT: Signal Processing>Filters

FPGA:FPGA Math & Analysis


Hope this helps,


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Accepted by topic author ljubica

I have already realized that and solved the problem.


Thank you anyway and have a nice day



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