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How to implement an image processing algorithm using NI vision (NI IMAQ) module?


Dear all,

I am working on a project focused on implementing a 2-D transfer function using the NI IMAQ vision module in the LabVIEW environment. I am facing difficulty in the implementation of the 2-D transfer function, kindly suggest me some online courses or material which would help me for implementing the transfer function in the LabVIEW.  Anyone, please provide me the right approach to this problem.


Thanks & regards



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What do you mean exactly with a 2D transfer function?


A transfer function in Vision can be applying a Look Up Table transferring individual pixels,  or a kernel transferring the image. Both LUTs and kernels are described in the manual. Note that kernels are referred to as convolution. There are a lot of convolutions (both linear and non-linear) build in, but IIRC, you can apply a custom convolution.

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I'm also unsure what you mean by 2D Transfer Function.  In the 2004 edition of the IMAQ Vision Concepts Manual , Chapter 7 discusses "Frequency Domain Analysis", where you take a 2D FFT of the (gray-scale) Image and use that to efficiently implement various filtering and other Image Processing (before doing the 2D Inverse FFT).


Bob Schor

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An example problem of a 2-D transfer function is attached here.


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