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How to hide a control and change a background image SIMULTANEOUSLY

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I have made a slideshow VI on LabView that also monitors real-time data from a datalogger.


The program works like this: - 


Startup/Page 1: - Background pane displays a nice screenshot. A set of indicators displays real-time data. Switches to Page 2 after 20 seconds.

Page 2: - Background changes to another screenshot. Real-time indicators hide, and a set of three graphs show up, displaying historical data. Switches after 20s.

Page 3 etc: - Graphs and indicators hide, a 'slideshow' is displayed by changing the background pane. Switches back to page 1 after sequence.


Everything works nicely, except for one thing: I cannot get the indicators to hide and background to change simultaneously, resulting in an awkward 'lag' in between.


I did an example VI to illustrate this. Simply select two separate pictures at the front panel, run the VI and toggle the Boolean control to see what i mean.


Any idea of how to get the indicators and background to change simultaneously?


Thanks in advance,


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Accepted by topic author Jin1987

Hi Jin,


did you try to "DeferPanelUpdates" when doing the switching? It's a property of the pane...


So set Defer=TRUE, do all the switching, set Defer back to FALSE!

Best regards,

using LV2011SP1 + LV2017 (+LV2020 sometimes) on Win10+cRIO
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I would use a tab control and pictures. I would preload the pictures and put the controls on the different pages. See the attached code.

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Brilliant, thanks!

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