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How to get x-axis values from Waveform Chart?

I am making some algorithms for time-relay. All I want is to get exact values from x-axis (time) when the relay switches on.

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Hi Shamie,


@Shamie wrote:

All I want is to get exact values from x-axis (time) when the relay switches on.

And how is this connected to a "Waveform Chart" as indicated in the thread topic?


Hint: Using waveforms (a special LabVIEW datatype) will help to determine timestamps or time intervals…

Best regards,

using LV2020 on Win8.1+cRIO
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I am using simple NI-CRIO Analog Input (without using DQmx or FPGA) to show curve on Waveform Chart.

I want some specific values on x-axis against the highest values from the coaxial relay on y-axis.

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A chart has a fixed history size and older data will get discarded. You should not care about cosmetic displays and rely on indicators for data storage. You can easily accumulate your data in appropriate structures on the diagram and calculate the index position of any value based on your timing information.


Can you show us some simplified code so we get a better idea what's this all about? Thanks!

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