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How to get the number of plots in Waveform Graph or how to iterate plots of Waveform Graph?

I am using Labview 2017


I want to make a vi which get a waveform graph refnum and set the color of the plots


I understand how to change the color of plot using the Active plot and Plot color property when I know the index of the plot


But I don`t know how to iterate all plots of the Waveform Graph when I don`t know the number of plots


Is there any way to get the number of plots or iterate over the plots

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How did the plots get into the graph in the first place? 


Somewhere in the program you created the graph.  In that part you put N sets of data into the graph.  Or put in a 2D array that you can get the dimensions of.  Determine that N and pass it to the part of the program where you are dealing with the colors either using a shift register, or a value property node or a local variable.

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This is the easiest way I know of to tell the number of plots in a waveform graph.


DNatt, NI
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