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How to get resistive and capacitive current by using Labview?



I am a new user for Labview. Currently i am working with AC high voltage system. 

I need to acquire signal for capacitive and resistive current and voltage as well.

I already did a coding for normal voltage and current reading, but I do not know how to inteprete the current into capacitiveand resistive current together.

Do I need to put the formula in this coding?


hope anyone can help me to solve this problem



Many thanks

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Your images cannot be viewed. Do not link to some off third-party site. If you cannot use the image function on the toolbar, explain why.
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Hello Dennis,


I can used the image function on tool bar, but sometimes my laptop is having such problems. Most probably it give some effects.

I attached my coding for your kind attention and I hope you can give some inputs for me.



Many thanks


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Attched VI is Password Protected

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Hi Vijay,


Kindly refer to the attachment.


Many thanks



Best regards



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Anyone needs to understand the physics behind your measurement to convert the measured data to the required parameter.


No one will be able to help you, without knowing the system, sensors used for the measurement, interface devices along with the method.


Share the details if it can be.

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