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How to get X & Y co-ordinates from an image in labview

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Hello All,


I have a captured waveform from an oscilloscope. From that image I want to find the X & Y co-ordinates. Can this happens using labview?


For example, I want to calculate co-ordinates for the attached image (JPG format).


I am using LabVIEW 2011. Your help will be appreciated


Thanks & Regards,


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It looks like you are acquiring data from a tektronix scope, the scope will be capable of giving you csv data than you having to interpret from an image. If you do need the xy co-ordinates, this may be a good starting point.

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Thanks aCe,


I have gone through the link, but after running the VI using my attached waveform it is not giving me the output. The array is zero only. Why is it so? 


The link was very useful, at least I got from where should I start with.


Thanks & Regards,


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Thank you so much aCe,


I have save data directly in .CSV file. Thanks for your suggestion.


Thanks & Regards,


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