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How to get GPIB traffic between other bus members?



i have computer_A connected via GPIB to an instrument to read/write SCPI.


Now i want to use computer_B that is connected also to the GPIB-Bus to only log all messages that are sent over the bus of computer_A and instrument.

How can this be done using Labview?



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So you basically want a GPIB "sniffer"


I believe NI has that functionality built in to GPIB+ cards using NI-GPIB Analyzer software

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Yes, i need a sniffer like Wireshark for LAN.


Unfortunally i dont have a + card.


How can i do this with a "normal" GPIB interface?

I dont need the funcionality of the analyzer software.

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I guess it depends on what you are trying to capture. If you are trying to reverse engineer another piece of software then you are going to need a GPIB interface that supports sniffing. Because although all the data is on the bus a proper GPIB device ignores everything not addressed to it (with a few exceptions). Even when a GPIB device is designated a "Listener" it only "listens" to data sent to its GPIB address.


If it's another LabVIEW program you are trying to sniff (like for errors)  NI I/O Trace (used to be called NI-Spy) might be all you need. 

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I need to see the scpi commands that are sent from the other PC which has no Windows and no Max, no io-trace, no whatever installed.

The running program there has no sourcecode anymore. 


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