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How to generate clock to Clock_out pin of PXIe-6556

Okay! Thank you very much for clearing that! I am able to use the strobe for acquisition having generated the clock using clk_out. 

One last thing, is it possible to acquire data from a set of pins I configure my acquisition for? For eg, considering there are 8 pins (DIO 0-7) in total, and pins 2,5,7 are configured for acquisition. Now is it possible that the PXI will store the data in memory as BIT 0 (LSB) - DIO2 data, BIT 1 - DIO5 data, BIT 2 - DIO7 data? Presently from my testing, I see that the PXI always stores the data in memory as BIT 0 (LSB) - DIO0 data, BIT 1 - DIO 1....BIT 23 - DIO 23 even if I want data from only specific pins and want data to be stored in memory according to these bits.


Is this possible? 


Thanks and Regards,


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Hi Arjun,


I looked into your question and it doesn't seem that it's possible to just grab the three bits. It seems that you will have to read a U8 which will include bits for the 8 lines, and then parse it to obtain the bits in question.

Tarek B
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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