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How to generate PWM signals in NI-sbRIO 9632



I am new to using NI board in develop a DC motor controller. I want to generate a PWM signals that can varying duty cycle.

The board I am using is NI-sbRIO 9632. Can I have a details direction on how to generate a PWM signals to output to control the MOSFET, thus

control the speed of the brushed DC motor.




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Hi Ronald,


Good day to you. Probably you can look through for examples to generate PWM output using FPGA. I came across a simple one at the search link below. Just look out for the title PWM Output with LabVIEW FPGA. I tried out the example using a sbRIO 9632 to generate PWM at channel Port5/DIO0 and loop back to Port5/DIO1. It works pretty well.


Also, for your reference, I have attached a white paper which expalins about PWM interface for FPGA.


Thank you.




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