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How to filtering signal of voltage data adquisition with "Median Filter"

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Hi, I am working with a displacement transducer, which I get voltage adquisition and a noisy signal.

I was trying to filtering signal using "Median Filter" but without success. Maybe I have a mistake using "right rank" and "left rank".

So I hope you can help me and get a better signal.


Attached the images and VI.



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I suspect the filter is working as expected, but since you're outputting to a waveform chart, it's stacking the entire DAQ waveform output end-to-end, one after another and you're getting strange 'looking' results because of that.

Try a waveform graph instead.

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Thanks for answer.


Ok I will try again with a waveform graph. So I have another question now, I need to calculate the derivative for certain range of signal, because I need to get the velocity from the displacement sensor. Do you think there will be no problem using waveform graph instead waveform chart?

Regards Mr. mud_light.

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Accepted by Rubencho91

I wouldn't expect there to be any difficulty calculating a derivative.  The waveform graph is just a device through which the data may be visualized, the actual calculation will be performed using the data you've collected.  :-)

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