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How to filter only one string from GPS

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@Mj664 wrote:



Thanks for the quick response.


The longitudes and latitudes are being read multiplied by 100.


I divided them back to normal digits and the location was 20 kilometers off. 


I've tested this in multiple locations. it was working previously. 

Your data is NOT being multiplied by 100. If I remember right, the GGA message for Lat/Long is in the format of degrees/minutes. So...

5132.2692,N   is actually =   51 deg 32.2692' N


51 + (32.2692/60) = 51.53782 degrees


How you previously got it to work is a mystery to me.

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I understand how it works but previously the string was reading xx.xxxx.xx now it reads xxxx.xxxx


for no apparent reason.


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And you are sure that the string has changed? 


The GPS is sending NMEA2000 strings out, and that is a fixed protocol. 

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looking at the ni example this is what it should look like.


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Yes and ?? 

Do you have any problems? 

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